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To live is the rarest thing in the world.
Most people exist, that is all.

Oscar Wilde

Rediscover the pleasure of peaceful mornings, the joy of nature that speaks to us, of vast unspoilt spaces and the bonds with those we hold dear.

So much more than a sport, golf has become a way of life. It was with this in mind that the Charles Kent signature was born, with the ambition of providing ready for use golf properties of the highest standing. The brand is part of the Krown Group, a world leader in the international development of commercial property. The Birdies and Club House Residences are two complimentary brands in its portfolio, both of which are active in some of the most prestigious golf resorts in Europe, promising an experience rooted in the sport of golf, but which goes far beyond, appealing to the shared passions of both golfers and non-golfers alike.

If Scotland is the birthplace of golf and St Andrews, where Charles Kent will soon be relocating its headquarters in the mythical Hamilton Grand building, its cradle, the French Riviera and the Costa del Sol are new territories to be conquered. The burgeoning enthusiasm of golfers from the old continent and further afield for these destinations is the reason why the developer Charles Kent has expanded its offer of exceptional residences at their very heart.

Uncertain skies and damp grass give place to wide blue horizons all year round, sun-kissed natural surroundings and a gentle lifestyle on and around the most magnificent courses of the Mediterranean.

Terre Blanche at Fayence, La Zagaleta close to Marbella, The Real Club Valderrama, La Reserva and the Almenara at Sotogrande, Las Colinas at Orihuela. These are a few of the legendary locations, where we are building outstanding properties today. We are constantly on the alert for new opportunities as available land is both scarce and highly sought after. Portugal and Sardinia are thus among the sites we are exploring in view of future acquisitions.

Charles Kent bespeaks a loftiness of vision. Aspirations that reach for the heavens. Carefully chosen and mastered trajectories. To live on the most prestigious golf courses, on your favourite playground, while experiencing the world, if perhaps a little differently.

Charles Kent is the promise of life in the open air and a refuge for yourself and your loved ones. A life where your passion can be expressed and enjoyed every day. A life to be shared, even with those who do not play. Each villa or penthouse is designed so one can contemplate, breathe and be together without getting in each other’s way, or even work, from a distance or in ways which have yet to be invented.

In a Charles Kent residence, you rediscover the joy of quiet mornings, communing with nature, views of wide open spaces, carefully preserved like the bonds with the loved ones and friends we have chosen to surround us. Charles Kent embodies the philosophy of those who in golf have found a modus vivendi that encompasses freedom, pleasure, elegance and intimacy. A life open to the world and to others, in a haven of tranquillity, where all is calm, luxury and serenity.

Charles Kent addresses those who aspire to a lifestyle informed by the spirit of golf; whether they are players or simply in search of a life, where nature has been restored to its rightful place within a highly protected community and where like-minded people, sharing common interests, are able to enjoy each-other’s company. This community also includes personalities from the world of golf, known for their commitment and passion for the sport.

Professional golfers such as Raphaël Jacquelin, Sébastien Gros and Gary Stal have become spokespersons for Charles Kent’s philosophy of elegance, civility and a tête-à-tête relationship between oneself and one’s environment. Each one of them endorses one of the Charles Kent residences in a golf resort that he knows well and esteems.

Iconic Residences

Domaine de Terre Blanche

French Riviera, Tourettes

Villa MOMENTUM – 350 m² /SOLD/
with Raphael Jacquelin

Villa OXYGEN – 280 m²

with Gary Stal

Domaine de Valescure

French Riviera, Saint-Raphael

Villa HILLSIDE – 280 m² /SOLD/

with Sebastien Gros

Domaine BEL RESPIRO – 350 m²

with Romain Langasque

La Zagaleta

Andalucia, Marbella

Villa CANOPEA – 1000 m²
with Martin Kaymer


Andalucia, Benahavis

Penthouse LUZ’AZUL – 300 m²

La Reserva de Sotogrande

Andalucia, Sotogrande

Penthouse VILLAGE VERDE – 300 m²

Almenara Golf Club

Andalucia, Sotogrande

Villa LA FLORIDA – 850 m²

with Andrew Coltart
Villa LA PALMERA – 800 m² /SOLD/

Real Club de Valderrama

Andalucia, Sotogrande

Villa ESCORIAL ONCE – 1000 m²

with Joakim Lagergren

Villa EDEN ROQUE – 800 m²

with Nacho Elvira

Las Colinas Golf

Costa Calida, Orihuela

Villa TOMILLO 1 – 600 m²

with Nicolas Colsaert

Villa TOMILLO 6 – 240 m²

with Romain Langasque

Villa TOMILLO 11 – 442 m²

Key figures

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