Villa Hillside

Valescure Saint-Raphaël

In the heart of a pine forest, a stone’s throw from the practice range, a 450m2 haven of peace.

Situated in France, on the Valescure La Colle Douce golf course, the Villa Hillside offers the tranquillity of a private and perfectly secured resort. The elongated silhouette of this property, which seems to stretch out in a languorous invitation to “chill out”, borrows from the architectural style of the villas on the Californian coast. In the heart of the pine forest, where the only perceptible sound is that of the chorus of crickets, the Villa Hillside is bathed in sunlight in any season. The golf course is within walking distance and all other amenities are within easy reach of the villa. Summer lasts all year round, on the gentle slopes of the French Riviera.

280 m2

Living area

450 m2

Total area
including terraces

3450 m2


Living space
Night-time accommodation
Exterior views
Interior views

Golf & family amenities.

Red Carpet night on the French Riviera ? Let’s instead be seated comfortably for a movie in the Villa Momentum private cinema.

Making progress is a constant effort: a trackman’s 9 7 room will help to improve one’s game after the game.

The Game room : the kids paradise !

The Valescure golf course, where the Villa Hillside is situated, is the oldest course in the Var region and one of the first to be created in France.

Saint-Raphaël, France

Local agencies

Seventy 7

113 avenue du Vieux Mas
83700 Saint-Raphaël


481 avenue des Golfs
83700 Saint-Raphaël

Savill’s French Riviera

11 avenue Jean Médecin
06000 Nice


Virginie Muffat Méridot
3429 route Nationale
74120 Megève

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